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ETO Sterilizer

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  • Brand:    LT
  • Type:    YWM
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 Performance and Configuration list 




 Chamber is stainless mirror 304, anti-corrosion.

Tanks adopt A3 steel plate, durable in use.

Equipped with warming insulating course.

Double-deck protective door to keep warm sealed and leak proof.




Computer-controlled sterilization process; Liquid crystal display.

  Negative-pressure system.

Automatic humidifying system.

Water circulation and automatic heating system.

Harmless treatment system of elimination of remained gases.

Efficient eliminating system and air heating and decontaminating system.

Auto-print system of entire sterilizing process (option)

Automatic alarm system for unusual status in temperature, pressure and leakage, etc.

Restoring system continue previous procedure automatically after unexpected power-off.

 Adopt a kind of safer mixture of Flame retardant and antiknock agent rather than entire ETO. 




Outer working temperature: 5’C ~60’C

temperature in chamber: 20’C~60’C

temperature control precision: +1’C

vaccum pressure: -7~-70Kpa(random set)

Sterilizing time: 1~9h (random set)

Sterilizing humidity: 60%~80%   (random set)

eliminated ETO times: random set

Parse time: random set

Clean: random set

Voltage: 220V/50HZ



Energy efficiency targets

Model and power as follows


   YWM series(30L~1000L)

power (KW) 


Remark: this item meets a criterion of YY0503 ETO STERILIZER newly issued by nation of 2006 version.

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